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BLOOD DIAMONDS written by RT1959 ''Eboni Diamond slid seductively out of the black stretch limo that had stopped in front of the Lumiere Casino and Hotel in Saint Louis Missouri. She was a tall chocolate sista with black shoulder length hair,brown almond shaped eyes and a hourglass figure. She was more than just a pretty face,having gotten her degree in fashion design and studied under some of the best designers in the world. Eboni was fiercely independent and loved having her own. So after paying her dues she took out a business loan and opened her very own ladies fashion boutique. It was named Sparkles and was located in the Central West End. She did not work alone in her boutique. There were half a dozen women in her employment. And like her they were young,smart,and very sexy. Eboni and her girls worked the daily nine to five grind. At the end of the day she would retire to her spacious loft located right above the boutique. The weekend was her time to go out and satisfy her sexual and hunger fueled urges. She was on a mission tonight and so she chose a outfit that was sure to attract the opposite sex. Eboni wore her hair straight tonight with a tiny pair of diamond earrings glittering brightly in her earlobes. A sleeveless red satin blouse was opened just enough to reveal her titties sans a bra. They bounced tantalizingly with every step that she took. A black pair of skintight Dereon jeans showed off her tight round ass and long sexy legs. Black snakeskin stilettos completed her outfit. Eboni had a small white alligator skin messenger bag by Michael Kors swinging from her left shoulder. The erotic scent of her Rebelle perfume filled the night air. She opened the door and walked into the lobby and made her way to the lounge. Her heels clicked loudly as she walked across the black marble floor. The sounds of a live band could be heard playing as she drew closer. She paused ever so slightly once she was in the entrance. In that instant she had scanned the dimly lit room. Eboni had excellent eyesight as well as acute hearing. To the untrained eye she appeared to be another sexy young sista out for a night of partying. But looks can be very deceiving as in the case of Miss Diamond. She was a succubus,meaning she was a female vampire who seduced and preyed on men. Eboni walked into the lounge and made her way to the bar. She was keenly aware of the men and women checking her out as she passed by them. The men had lust in their eyes while the women looked at her with dislike. But they would be wise not to step to her. Eboni was a lethal killer in every sense of the word. She was fast as lighting and could easily defend herself if attacked. She ignored the looks and took at a seat at a empty bar chair. She glanced at the other patrons and waited for the bartender to come take her drink order. She was not much of a drinker but she did have a special liking for chardonnay. Eboni smiled as the sexy female bartender Nina walked up and placed a cold glass of her favorite wine in front of her. The drink was on the house but she tipped Nina anyway. The music was popping and she suddenly felt the need to take it to the dance floor. She took a nice big sip of her drink and closed her eyes as she swallowed it. Her mind drifted back to memories long past. Some bad and horrifying and some erotic and very pleasureable. Eboni was enjoying the feeling of the wine warming up her body. Suddenly without opening her eyes she became acutely aware of someone approaching from behind. The smell of Jovan Musk tickled her senses. She loved the cologne because it got her all hot and bothered. Her eyes snapped open and she slightly turned her head to look at the person. Eboni exhaled slightly as she watched a tall and dark brotha step up beside her. He asked if the empty seat next to her was taken. She replied no,adding that it was okay for him to sit there. She had sized him up as he was standing next to her. She most definitely liked what she saw. Her libido had come to life and she slowly let out the breathe that she had been holding in. Eboni took another sip off her drink all the while watching him out of the corner of her eyes. He was chocolate brown with a bald head and goatee. He was wearing a black silk short sleeve dress shirt and gray dress pants with black leather dress shoes. A diamond earring shined brightly in his left ear. The aroma of his cologne was making her nipples stand erect. Eboni smiled as he ordered a glass of gin and juice. He looked at her and his brown eyes swept over her without seeming to move. There was a definite electric current between them. A mutual attraction that they both knew the other was aware of. The bartender server him his drink and received a nice tip along with the payment. Eboni watched him take a sip of his drink. She was not the shy type and so she asked him his name. When he told her it was Andre she gave him her name. He smiled and said that he liked it. She was smiling from ear to ear when he said it was a beautiful name for a beautiful woman. The two of them continued to talk and learn a little more about each other. Eboni was enjoying the conversation but one thing that Andre said had made her ears perk up. He was a jeweler and was in town for a convention. He had brought some samples with him and they were upstairs in his hotel room. Andre then invited her to come with him to his room so that he could show the diamonds to her. Eboni knew the real reason why he wanted her to go up to his room. She loved diamonds and was very much intrigued by his offer. So she agreed to accompany him to his hotel room. Besides getting a chance to see the diamonds she had other more carnal and darker reasons to go with him. But first she had to put him entice him and she knew exactly how to do it. The live band had done their gig for the night and were busy packing up their instruments. Eboni started nodding her head as Give It To Me Baby by Rick James came on over the speakers. She wiggled her body slightly as she took a big sip of her drink. Andre noticed how the music had her hyped and asked if she liked dancing. She replied yes and asked if he would like to dance. His eyes practically lit up like lights on a Christmas tree. Without another word the two of them got up out of their seats and made their way to the dance floor. Eboni put a seductive switch in her walk because she knew Andre was behind her. It was her way of letting him know that she was feeling him too. Once they were out on the crowded dance floor she turned around and moved upon him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gazed into his eyes. Lolipop by Lil Wayne was playing now and Andre was definitely in tune with her. He moved up against her,putting his arms around her waist. Eboni moved in even closer so that their lips were almost touching. She could feel Andre getting aroused. He is dick was getting harder and harder the longer the two of them danced. He had pulled her up tight against him and she laid her head on his shoulder. Her warm breath was adding more eroticism to their dancing. Andre. Eboni felt his hands slowly move up and down the small of her back. This just turned her on even more,her nipples were hard and her pussy lips were getting moist. Andre began to slowly grind up against her groin,his dick was practically throbbing in his pants. She responded by doing a nasty little grind of her own against him. Eboni smiled as she felt him tremble against her body. She knew the longer they danced together the more excited they both would get. Her pussy was wet now,she was about to cream in her panties. Andre was grinding hard against her,he was practically fucking her right there on the dance floor. She had him right where she wanted him. As the ended she released him and turned to walk away. But Andre reached out and grabbed her by the hand and pulled her close to him. Eboni smiled slightly as he asked her to come up to his room with him. She seductively bit her bottom lip as she eyed him. She knew how to play the game and she always played for keeps. She asked innocently what would she get if she agreed to go with him. Andre smiled and said diamonds,all the while watching her expression. Eboni said okay and when Andre released her from his embrace she walked toff the dance floor with him leading the way. Together they left the lounge and walked out into the lobby. He took her hand in his as they walked to the elevators. She leaned against him as he pushed the button and they waited. A ding sounded as the doors opened and they got into the empty elevator. Eboni was in plot mode as the doors closed. She was hungry and needed to feed. Little did Andre know that he was on the menu tonight. He had pushed the button to the sixth floor. He had released her hand and put his arm around her waist. She let him pull her close to him and she leaned against him. Eboni was on high alert now because she was on the prowl. She was mentally putting her plan in order. First she would get her drink on with him just to mellow him out. Andre was a man and he could be easily manipulated. She was in total control of the situation. They arrived on the sixth floor and the doors opened. He let her walk out first with him trailing behind her. Eboni knew that he was watching her ass as she walked. She stopped as he walked up beside her. After putting his arm around her waist the two of them walked to his room. The sound of her stiletto heels echoed off against the white marble floor. Eboni made a mental note of everything in the hallway including exits. They would come in handy when she made her escape tonight. She listened for any sounds coming from the other hotel rooms. All was quiet as the two of them finally stopped at the door to his hotel room. Room 69 was the number on the door which brought a slight smirk to her lips. Andre reached into his pocket and took out his key card put it into the slot. A click sounded and Andre pushed the door open and he led her into his room. Eboni turned around and watched as he softly closed the door. Now the two of them were alone and it was time to play the game. Only she was playing for keeps as in her keeping the diamonds. She walked up to him and softly kissed him on the lips. As she did this she placed her right hand on his crotch. Eboni felt Andre respond to her touch. His dick was rock hard and throbbing in his pants. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tightly to him. Her breathing had increased as she responded to his embrace. She linked her arms around his neck and began a slow grind against him. Andre slipped his tongue into her mouth and began a sensual duel with hers. Eboni continued her kiss for a few minutes before she slowly broke her embrace. She stepped back and turned to walk away as Andre came up behind her. She closed her eyes as he moved her hair out of the way and began planting kisses on her neck. A soft moan came from her lips as this was one of her erogenous spots. She loved to be kissed there. Eboni felt his hands slowly move from her stomach up to her breast. Andre began to unbutton her blouse,slipping his fingers inside as he did so. Her nipples were erect and she was sweating slightly even though the central air was on. Andre began to pinch her nipples,causing a burst of pain pleasure to spread through her body. Eboni wanted to continue this game that the two of them were playing. Just not right here so close to the hallway where somebody passing by might hear. She broke free from his arms,spinning around to face him as she did so. Leaning in so that he her lips were now touching his,she asked him where was the bedroom. Andre looking into her eyes smiled wickedly like a wolf gazing at it’s prey. Eboni allowed him to suddenly pick her up in his arms and carry her to his bedroom. As he carried her along she cased the place from top to bottom. She viewed the open kitchen to their right and spied a butcher block filled with knives. They might come in handy if she needed them. She was very confident of her skills as a fighter but not overly so. That could result in a mistake that could prove costly if things went wrong. Eboni noticed the bathroom on the left as he continued to carry her along. Finally Andre entered the bedroom and fell onto the king sized bed dominating the room. There was a nightstand by the bed and a big screen television on the wall to the left. A couple of chairs were spaced apart on the right side of the room. He continued to lay on top of her and look down on her. Slowly he began to undress her,starting with her blouse. Eboni stopped him and asked if she could see the diamonds adding please at the end. For the briefest of instants a dark cloud passed over Andre’s face. A look he quickly tried to erase but she had was a master at reading faces. Something was not right about the situation now. It would not be wise for Andre to try and trick her. She let her eyes drift to the closet by the chairs. It was there or the nightstand where he had the diamonds hidden. Eboni knew how to ease the tension that suddenly was in the room. She reached up and encircled his neck and pulled him down for a passionate kiss. Andre resisted at first but the hardness of his cock revealed his true feelings for her. He still very much wanted to fuck her right here right now. Suddenly she rolled him off of her so that she was now on top. He registered surprise at her show of strength but he seemed to be turned on even more now. Eboni smiled as she stared down at Andre. She leaned down and whispered in his left ear for him to take off his clothes. Getting up she began to slowly undress before him. Andre sat up on the side of the bed and began to hurriedly take off his clothes. The two of them never broke eye contact with each other as they preceded to get naked. Eboni watched as he lay back on the bed,his cock rock hard and standing at attention. Andre smiled as he watched her climb on top of him. She was fine as wine and probably twice as sweet. He intended to find out when he ate her pussy. To his satisfaction her coochie was shaved,he loved chicks who did that. He noticed that her full juicy tits were nice with nipples just waiting to be sucked. Eboni took her time and crawled slowly over Andre’s body,looking him straight in his eyes. No longer was she smiling,in fact she was trying to conceal her hunger. The smell of his sweat had aroused her,also during their kissing session in front of the door she had bit his lip and drew blood. The taste of it had sent her instincts into overdrive. It took all of her self restraint not to slay him right then and feed. Eboni straddled his face and looked down on him. She placed her hands against the wall,her nails digging into the surface. Andre knew what she wanted him to do and he was more than eager to do it. He loved eating pussy,especially one so juicy as this. She smelled like jasmine and he could see the cream on the outer lips of her box. Eboni threw her back as he began to suck on her pussy. He licked her outer lips before thrusting his tongue deep inside her dripping hole. Around and around he went on her clit,sucking hungrily on her swollen pearl. Andre cupped her round ass and squeezed it tightly. He then spread her ass cheeks and slowly began to work his middle finger inside of her tight asshole. Eboni screamed out in ecstasy and put her forehead against the wall. She closed her eyes tight as she felt Andre driving his finger deep inside of her rectum. Her body trembled as the orgasm began to sweep through her body like a runaway train. Blood ran down the side of her mouth as her fangs extended and pierced her bottom lip. He could feel her shaking in rapture as he hungrily sucked her cream. Honey never tasted this sweet as he swallowed every single drop. Eboni fought the urge to slay Andre and feed. Only the her vision of getting her hands on the diamonds kept her in check. With all of her willpower she calmed down her hunger. Slowly her fangs retracted and she continued to wiggle in wild abandonment. His tongue was deep inside of her wet pussy as he sucked away. She could feel another climax coming on. Her eyelids fluttered to a close as she came again. Andre hungrily swallowed her juice as he continued to drive his finger in and out of her asshole. His dick was rock hard and throbbing with the need to fuck her. Finally he could not hold out any longer. Reaching up he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down on top of him. Without wasting any motion he rolled her over on her back and prepared to enter her tight pussy. Eboni loved to be in the dominant position when she was having sex. But with the lure of the diamonds in the back of her mind she allowed Andre to pin her underneath him. She spread open her long legs and wrapped her arms around his back. Her eyelids fluttered to a close as he slid his rock hard cock deep inside of her hot wet pussy. Andre wrapped his arms around her body and began to slowly thrust inside of her. He could feel her fingernails dig into his skin as he picked up the pace. Beads of sweat began to run down his face even though he had the air conditioner on. Eboni began to pant and moan as the sensation of his cock sent her into ecstasy. She began a grind of her hips and did a slow circle that caused Andre to groan in pleasure. She wrapped her long legs around his back as she fucked him. Meanwhile he had picked up the pace and was drilling her hard and fast. Reaching up he grabbed a handful of her hair. Andre raised his head and looked deep into her eyes before placing his lips on hers. Hungrily he began to kiss her as his tongue snaked into her open mouth. Eboni dug her long fingernails deep into his back as she felt her orgasm approaching. Her moans had turned into screams of pleasure as Andre fucked her with wild abandon. She tightened her legs around his back as she came. Her pussy tightened around his thrusting dick. Cream flooded her walls and escaped her pussy only to drip down onto the sweat soaked sheets. Andre could feel himself about come it seemed like he had lost track of all space and time. He had never experienced pussy like this before. The women he had fucked in the past all paled in comparison to this fine piece of ass that he was banging right now. There was definitely something unique about this sista. His mind flashed back to when he had first seen her. He had been chillin’ against the wall watching a group of broads dance. When she walked out on the floor it was like everything stopped. She was a vision of beauty and raw sex appeal all rolled up into one gorgeous package. And now here she was in his bed. Andre forced himself back into the here and now as he was fast approaching his climax. With a renewed sense of urgency he put on a burst of speed just before he came. Thick streams of semen jetted into her quivering pussy as he ejaculated deep inside of her. Andre cried out as he shivered and the last of his climax coursed through his body. He held on tightly to her body as he waited for his ejaculation to subside. Eboni opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. Her thoughts were on the diamonds. As much as she had enjoyed fucking dude,there were more important things to take care. She wanted to see the diamonds right now. Swiftly and without warning she rolled over on top of Andre,holding him firmly under her. Andre was again surprised at how easily she could move him. He had been really trying to hold her down but to no avail. Now he found himself staring up in her beautiful face. He noticed that she seemed to have taken on a serious look. A slight uneasiness began to creep through him. There was something dangerous about this sista. He would have to be careful how he handled her from now on. Eboni had run out of patience . She would have to find the diamonds herself. Slowly she got off him and stood up by the bed. Looking around the room she noticed very little furniture. Except for the little nightstand by the bed. On top of it was a lamp. Looking closer she noticed the stand had a drawer built in it . That would make a nice place to keep something small,like diamonds for instance. She decide to test Andre and so she walked over to the nightstand and bent down as to get a closer look at it. Andre quickly moved off of the bed to stop her. But she had already opened the drawer. He could tell by her reaction that it was too late to stop her. Watching with uneasiness he looked on as she reached into the compartment and pulled out a small black silk bag. He wanted to take the bag from her but something stopped him. Maybe it was the fact that she never took her eyes off of him. Holding his breath he watched as she turned around and walked past him and sat down on the bed. Eboni noticed that the bag had a drawstring and she pulled it open. Holding the bag in her right hand she continued to look at Andre who was quietly watching her. Without taking her eyes off of him she held the bottom of the bag in her left hand and turned it upside down. She held her right hand open and waited. Her eyes widened in awe as she now held two diamonds in the palm of her hand. Andre was tempted to take the jewels from her. But a vision of the two of them wrestling stopped him. He remembered how strong she was. The thought was a bit uncomfortable to him. So he quietly watched as she gazed at the diamonds. He noticed how her eyes almost lit up. The look on her face was one of pure joy. Andre felt as if he had stopped breathing. The tension in the room was almost unbearable. Andre was bordering on panic mode. He was now thinking that he had made a serious error in judgement by bringing her back to his hotel room. Things had started out so right but now they had gone completely wrong. He had to do something about this situation. Without thinking he suddenly moved and sat down beside her on the bed. Eboni was still looking at the two diamonds but she also was watching Andre out of the corner of her eye. She didn’t even flinch as he sat down beside her. Her attention was on the two most beautiful diamonds that she had ever seen. They were about six and a half carats and they were a deep red in color. Like the color of blood. Another thing that caught her eye was the shape of the diamonds. They were both shaped like hearts and they sparkled as she moved them gently in the palm of her hand. She had never seen anything like them before in her life. ''(To Be Continued)

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